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I'm travelling to Dallas from Sunday til the 28th (I have no idea why I agreed to this).

What type of weather should I expect in this area (Lake Dallas actually) in late July? I had planned on getting a 1-week gym membership and hit on all of your guy's wives, but I don't think that's going to happen. I'll have to jog in the streets like a savage.

As is, I don't plan on going out much. I had planned on looking at real estate, then meeting with a personnel guy at Rice, seeing one of my players at U of H, and then hanging out with another one of my players at SMU.

My first day, I think I'll hit up this really good BBQ place, the name escapes me, in the next city over. I believe it's also a gun range. I'll have brisket leftovers for a few days, which is always good. Then, I'll hit the grocery store and stock up on water, Greek yogurt, and fruit so I barely have to leave the house for the next 10 days.

I take the best vacations. I'll be in week 2 of this football analytics class I'm taking so at least I can concentrate on that.

Send me the likely weather I'll be dealing with if you know that area and any suggestions for real BBQ.


Anywhere on the line.
Can't recommend any BBQ places, but your weather forecast looks like hi 90's with a light chance of rain towards the end of your stay.
Locals should help with the grub, should be able to hook you up.


Pro Bowler
It is hot and humid here on the Gulf coast which is par for the course this time of year.

What is your humidity there where you are at?

I’m just curious for comparisons sake

Here in Los Angeles it is 44% as I type this


High Plains Drifter
Enjoyed a high of 90 today, which is the average high for this time of year here. Even got a quarter inch of rain overnight.

High pressure bubble moved off significantly eastward, now cooking the folks in eastern ARK, and points south and east.

9 days in a row of 99-109 here.


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It has finally started to cool down here a little bit.

It’s 72 with 52% humidity right now with a nice breeze

It’s perfect beer drinking, bbq’n, swingin in the hammock, just chill outside weather right now at 8pm


Defense Wins Championships
On some of the streaming platforms is a free channel called "Earth Live!"

It has visible satellite view loops of entire regions, like the Pacific basin, the Atlantic Basin, the Gulf of Mexico/Texas, etc. sourced from NOAA.

I watch it on Roku.


High Plains Drifter
Still low to mid 90s here with evening rain scattered through the region every evening. Today though I only saw 88 and got one-third inch of rain. Really nice.


Pro Bowler
It’s been nice the last couple days

I’ve been on a case in Brentwood (OJ Simpson territory) and Santa Monica

It’s been 72 max here during the day. It’s 11pm and it’s a nice 63 degrees with a slight breeze

Weather like this sure makes surveillance in a vehicle for 12 hours plus much more agreeable

I just wish it was this cool back at home


Draft Pick
At its worst today it was 94 with a heat index of 108. Right now 84 with a heat index of 91, 71 percent humidity and scattered thunderstorms overnight low of 75. 94 tomorrow with heat advisory until 9pm. Just Mother Nature getting drunk on a typical summer weekend...


Defense Wins Championships
Hot tonight in Texas



High Plains Drifter
Lookin out my back door last evening at sunset:


We've been having seasonal average high temps of between 90-95, and good ole thunderstorms every night for about a week straight. Not bad here at all.


High Plains Drifter
Been having average August weather here. Highs in the 90s and sweet upper 60s for lows. Got a quarter-inch of rain out here among the jackrabbits around 3:30 this morning, this was after I took this little snapshot at Medipark pond in Amarillo near sunset.


Weatherman saying this morning though, that the mean ole high pressure dome is returning to give us highs in the 100s Wednesday through Saturday.

Heat index reports are done by pussies by the way. Much more useful to post just the actual temps instead of being an exaggerating crybaby.


Pro Bowler
It’s 90 here before 10am with 42% Humidity

It’s supposed to be over 105 today and the news is calling for rolling brown outs and even some black outs

Now how in the hell do they expect people to shelter in place, stay home and stay safe when they plan to purposefully cut power to tens of thousands of people in the middle of the day when it’s 105 outside?

Usually when they call for a flex alert due to high temps they will have local cooling centers available for people to go to. Or they will advise people to go to the mall and other large areas to keep cool so we can save energy at home

That is just not an option with Covid
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