Tyron Smith- The Human Holding Machine


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Smith isn't anything nearly as bad a drive killer that Doug Free was. You kidding?

Tyron is still dealing with nagging injury issues. He is good for a hold or two every game, you just accept that with the package. Yeah we would like to see them cut out to zero, but look who's the HC!

Free was good for two or three holding calls guaranteed, but without the all-pro future HoF ability that Tyron brings to the table.

Welcome to the DCU by the way, BurlesonCowboy!


Everybody hates on Dak Prescott, but how can he function when he has an Offensive lineman who uses every chance he can get to destroy drives?
I cant believe people hating on tyron Smith.

Open your eyes dude, this guy has gotten more bogus penalties thrown on him than any OL in the history of the league. The hold on him today was a legit call, but the tripping was 100% BS, just like many of the other calls against him on a week to week basis.


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Jerry Jones: Tyron Smith is being penalized because he’s too dominant
DECEMBER 21, 2018 12:05 PM

Dallas Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith has been flagged for eight penalties in 12 games this season.

The perennial All-Pro, who was just named to his sixth Pro Bowl has been called for holding six times. The Cowboys, however, think officials are unfairly targeting Smith because he is so dominant at his position. Through eight seasons, Smith is averaging 7.5 penalties a season.

“I think Tyron’s excellence gives him more attention and a higher bar relative to holding. In my mind, he’s the best left tackle,” Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said on KRLD/105.3 The Fan. “The results of neutralizing the defensive player implies that he must be holding or gaining an advantage somehow.”

But the Cowboys say his blocking is textbook. They’ve sent in video of some of his holding penalties and asked for clarification. The response has been that Smith needs to disengage quicker, which would seem to be the opposite of what you’d want to tell your linemen.

Cowboys’ coach Jason Garrett agrees.

“The biggest thing he has to learn is he has such great hand strength that he has to let go because they’re calling those plays,” Garrett said. “If you look back at all of the holds he’s had over the course of the year he’s been in outstanding position, great sets, great position down field on guys.”

Most holding calls are more obvious, Garrett said, are when a lineman is beat and he’s reaching out to grab a defender. That’s typically not happening to Smith.

“He just has to have more discipline at the end of the down releasing the guys he’s blocking because he’s done a really good job of getting himself in great position to block the way we want him too,” he said.

Jones compared it to former Cowboys’ defensive tackle DeMarcus Ware being routinely penalized for being offside because he was so quick off the ball.





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Kinda reminiscent of when this one ref was questioned about calling Demarcus Ware offsides twice in one game and said "there's no way he could be back there that fast, so he had to be offsides". Replays clearly showed he wasn't offsides.

ya the last line from that story i posted:
Jones compared it to former Cowboys’ defensive tackle DeMarcus Ware being routinely penalized for being offside because he was so quick off the ball.

(try to overlook the author calling dware a DT)

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