Defense Wins Championships
Here's a photo of an AT&T 5G pole in the Dallas area.



Defense Wins Championships
Oscars are to "Woke" for me . . .



Oscars are to "Woke" for me . . .

I have not watched in decades. Screw the Commiewood elite.


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So after years of hiring lawn care companies to mow my lawn, I bit the bullet and bought a riding mower a couple of years back and started doing it myself. I only have a little over an acre of land and I actually enjoy riding the mower and just chilling for an hour or two. My mower has a mulch kit so I don't bag the clippings, but once in a while the grass clumps which is maddening.

I broke down again this year and bought a zero turn mower (with a mulch kit) and I'm waiting for delivery in another week or two. I'll give it a year and see how it goes and may get a bagger installed on my mower next year but everyone says the mulched clippings are good for your lawn. Decisions....decisions.....
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