Defense Wins Championships
Source: Sexual Deviancy

NO ifs, ands, or buts about it.
Come to think of it, there were probably buts involved...

Countries including Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, the United States, Israel and Australia have reported more than 250 monkeypox cases, many apparently tied to sexual activity at two recent raves in Europe. No deaths have been reported.

Happy LGBTQ month...



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Based Man walking down the street in Dallas is confronted by Rainbow people.

The greater issue in the video is the reaction by police. The guy is walking down the street and being chased by pussies and the police say he's chasing them? And the police response is "they have a right to be here." As if an American can not walk down the street? Very disheartening and you gotta appreciate the man and his response.

The police embarrassed themselves here and their will come a time when they'll lose the support of the people who are supporting them.
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Be afraid, be VERY afraid.

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We need to stop allowing the idiots in Washington to define Jan 6th. It was not an insurrection. It was a "mostly peaceful" protest. The Democrats, and some Republicans, are using it to attack Trump, who really had nothing to do with the protest. Trump gave a speech and nothing is his speech incited a riot or violence. On the contrary, every word Trump spoke that day is protected by the constitution. Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Stacey Abrams, and scores of other Democrats have claimed elections have been stolen or rigged and not one of them as accused of insurrection or anything else. Not even being a sore loser.

Ashlii Babbit was shot and killed on Jan 6th. She was unarmed. The cop who shot her was not charged with anything. Some politicians even praised him for his cowardice.

There is video of Roseanne Boyland been beaten to death. Again, not even a whisper from Democrats hoping to deny Trump a second term using a civil war law that prevents insurrectionists from running for office.

Anyone who calls Jan 6th anything more than a protest is a traitor.


Defense Wins Championships
A man carrying a gun, a knife and zip ties was arrested Wednesday near Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house in Maryland after threatening to kill the justice.

Nicholas John Roske of Simi Valley, California, who was identified in a criminal complaint charging him with the attempted murder of a Supreme Court justice, was dressed in black when he arrived by taxi just after 1 a.m. outside Kavanaugh’s home in a Washington suburb.

Roske, 26, had a Glock 17 pistol, ammunition, a knife, zip ties, pepper spray, duct tape and other items that he told police he would use to break into Kavanaugh’s house and kill him, according to a criminal complaint and affidavit filed in federal court in Maryland.
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