High Plains Drifter
Is anyone else playing the Fox Sports Pick Six app trying to win a chunk of his money?

I started Sunday. It's pretty cool. I just make wild stupid picks to separate myself from the minions. In the app they tell you what percentage of people are picking what, and I just go the opposite way from the lemmings.

Ya never know, the cray-cray shit I pick might actually happen before 2020 is all said and done.

You get to predict random shit like, how many yards Mahomey throws for, etc.

Anyhow, jump in! Download the app and get ta pickin! If you win, of course brag about it here.



High Plains Drifter
Shit. I finished 580th outta 295,000 last week for the Dallas/Baltimore game in the pick6 app! Out of the money though but not shabby at all
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