Seattle and Homeless


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just watched a special about how bad its gotten there with homeless and drug addicts everywhere trashing the place and the local government unwilling to do anything about it and the police not empowered to stop it either

Is it really that bad?


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watching the video.... yeah... I have seen a lot of homeless and people without job, etc ... A lot of business go out of business, lost their home... due to upscale and its known to have alot of cranes to build tall buildings .. can be business, living... etc.


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Click Here for artcle: No end in sight to Seattle’s intractable tent nightmare

No end in sight to Seattle’s intractable tent nightmare
Originally published April 5, 2019 at 9:18 am
Updated April 6, 2019 at 9:54 am

Court says homeless can sleep in public spaces if cities fail to provide beds.

By David Horsey
Guest cartoonist

It doesn’t matter if they become trash heaps, drug dens or open-air toilets, homeless encampments cannot be removed from public spaces if a city fails or falls behind in providing enough places to sleep for every person out on the streets.
That’s what the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled, thereby throwing a big curveball at efforts to stop the proliferation of tents in Seattle and other cities in the Western states.

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So tons of businesses went out of business since they put in $15 an hour minimum wage in Seattle? Say it ain't so! Lots of homeless from everyone losing their jobs? Say it ain't so! This is what happens when you model your city after a utopian dream you had that you had no proof would work.

They'll find some way to blame it on the conservatives though. Most every major city in the US is run by Democrats and yet they blame it on the Republicans.


They can appeal, but the circus that is the 9th will throw it down and I'm unsure if you can even be heard by the supreme court about this at all. They dug their graves tho.

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