Redemption for us when Garrett Gone


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I vote for either Ernie Zampese or Dave Campo (again). These guys coached our 95 team to a SB and overcame our talent deficiencies with superb coaching. And Campo can get a second chance, just like BB. I'm sure dbair will like this post......


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Tell you what. Jerry went on the fan this AM and said he was keeping Carrot? If that means past the end of this, another lost season. I am probably out.


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Carrot will only be "coaching in the NFL next year" if he's in Dallas.

Or as an assistant somewhere. NOT as the head coach.


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They aren't going to hire a defensive coach as HC if Jerry pulls his head out of his ass and cans Carrot. Be shocked if Rivera got a call from us. National radio said Gnads might give him a look.


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Just plain ole crown royal is fine. It does happen to be my winter drink for about 25 years now.
My buddy down at Odessa gave me a bottle of the reserve for Christmas last year. I'd always went with regular Crown. I like the reserve pretty well too. Now I usually will buy one or the other. I hear the special reserve is even better, but I've found most liquor joints don't stock the special Reserve.


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i had a post in another thread that prompted me to add this important criteria :

new head coach must disassemble the hot boyz

dont gotta trade em or anything ,,, just use that men in black mind eraser device to scrub that stupid nickname out of their brains
My vote for post of the year

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