Has anyone run across one of these? I did for the first time this morning. So after leaving Walmart this morning I go through the McDonalds drive through. I ordered a sausage biscuit and a hash brown combo which is $2.16 with tax. I get up to the pay window and they tell me the car in front of me paid for mine and asked if I would like to pay for the car behind me. So I ask how much is their bill and it was $15 and change. I then look back and see the person behind me is driving an Cadillac Escalade. I then think this is bullshit instead of paying with my debit card I dig out $2.16 (my bill total) worth of change and tell the lady to put that toward the car behind me. I would gladly pay for a homeless person to eat or someone in dire straights but screw paying for someone who drives a better vehicle than I do.


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I've never had that happen in a drive thru and I would have done the same thing you did. I did have someone pay for me and my wife at a breakfast place but I thought it was kind of strange. I saw the guy staring at me and I almost said something to him but I kept it civil.

If I walk in a diner and I see a WWII vet, I always pay. You can usually tell those old timers. They wear their hats and gear proudly. The last of a great generation.


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Today at the liquor store drive-thru around 4pm, I paid for my stuff then gave the manager a hunnerd dolla bill and said, "Pay for the folks behind me, for however long it lasts."

And drove off. Only just now saw this thread and it made me Ell Ohh Ell.


2 Christmas ago I went to Walmart Christmas eve. and cashier said $10 off my bill because like Doomsday did someone gave the cashier a $100 dollars and said take $10 off the next 10 folks. I loved it. Was a great idea. So I did it this past Christmas.


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I once paid part of a lady's grocery tab after she checked out all her stuff and came up about $10 short. Then she started sifting through all her bags to see what she could put back to reduce the bill to where she could pay for it. I was in a hurry and my frozen items were thawing while I waited for her to figure out what combination of items would get her to the total she could afford. After standing there for what seemed like 10 minutes I finally told the checkout clerk, "here's $10 bucks". The lady was nice but I felt like this was some kind of scam she pulls all the time. I hate grocery shopping so I enter the store with an attitude to begin with. By the time I get to the checkout, I am ready to bite someone's head off.
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