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He posted a hype video, he looks like a monster. He'll be presenting the TNT Wrestling title belt Saturday on AEW's PPV event, and has a fight scheduled later on in a bid to return to boxing for the first time since 2005. He's only 53, should be a good buy on that PPV card I would think.

Psst: Hey Mike - elbows ain't legal in boxing. You sure you don't wanna go UFC instead?

Video at link.



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He's looking good, I'd like to hire his trainer, chef, dietician and drug dealer so I could try to do the same

looks like he had his face Tatoo removed too
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He looks like 210 lbs of bad news.
Boxing used to be SO much fun

I can still remember where I was when I heard Buster Douglas beat him

I was a party and is was like a wave went over the room slowly, one person at a time, everyone was visibly shocked as they heard the news. Too bad he lost Cus D'amato and ended up with that jackass Don King and all the leaches and mooches


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Last night's AEW live show went to hell in a handbasket real quick. Very entertaining. Tyson vs. Jericho looks to be in the immediate future.



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If George Foreman's fat ass can come back at 50 then Tyson certainly can.
I don't know that Mike is looking to be champion again, so far he's only been looking for "exhibition" bouts. Tyson Fury said yes, but nothing's been finalized as yet. But just like with George, I'll gladly hand my money over to see him fight.


Thing is, Mike still has his mind. He never took that many hits. Hell, until Buster most of his fights lasted about 30 - 60 seconds. And it was glorious. The just insane power that man had just outright brutal. The late 80's early 90's were quite possibly the end of an era of boxing. It's never been the same since he and Holyfield had the ear match. Mike was so messed up by then, it sucked. I wouldn't stand in front of him now and take a punch from him even at 53. No fucking way.

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I hope it's just exhibition bouts. Last time we saw him boxing professionaly he got battered by average British heavyweight Danny Williams and then by some Irish-American binman whose name escapes me. I doubt Iron Mike has suddenly rediscovered his mojo 15 years on, in his 50s. Like Ions says though, I still wouldn't get in his way.

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