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10 Biggest Adjustments Fleeing Californians Have To Make In Their New States

I like this one

6. No one cares about your preferred pronouns. Go ahead and tell an old farmer in Oklahoma that you go by "they" pronouns. The look on his face will be worth it.


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May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Ryan Hartley @RyannHartley People from states with nice roads may never understand what it's like hitting a pothole so hard that your soul leaves your body for a moment and you feel an obligation to audibly apologize to your car.'


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reminds me of junior high off season athletics, we all had to do exercises while laid out all over the basketball court, one of the exercises was called 6 inches and while lying on your back, you had to keep your feet 6 inches off the floor and if you got caught letting your feet hit the floor, you had to go to the tip off line and get "licks" from a paddle they had other kids make in shop class (does that exist anymore?).

The demented fuckers who made the paddles would drill holes in the flat spot to make them more aerodynamic I guess. It was painful as hell and hilarious in retrospect the coaches were allowed to do this without any repercussions. The funny thing is it neither scarred me or deterred my behavior

at least they let us keep our shorts on so we didnt have to take them bare ass (not that the thin fabric of our shorts did more than reduce the humiliation )


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I love that McEnroe didnt back down here:

the insanity displayed in this conversation is mind blowing. These people are so desperate to remain on TV, they will shove their heads up their own asses as long as possible to keep their jobs

we need folks to grow a pair and start refusing to foster nonsense even if it means they lose their jobs. More importantly, the overwhelming majority of the country needs to quit watching this nonsense so the y have to go off the air
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