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NFL Players Association president JC Tretter is calling for the elimination of offseason practices, including minicamp and organized team activities, citing the NFL's relative quality of play during the 2020 pandemic-influenced season.

"I believe the changes implemented this season have demonstrated that we can put an entertaining product out on the field while further reducing wear and tear on our players' bodies," the Cleveland Browns center wrote in a newsletter released Thursday. "There is no reason for us to ever return to the previous offseason program."

The coronavirus pandemic eliminated the NFL offseason program this year, as teams leaned on virtual meetings instead. Rather than leading to a sloppy and injury-filled season, Tretter wrote, "Our collective level of play across the league has actually never been higher." As evidence, he pointed to a record-setting number of points through 16 weeks of play, lower penalty numbers and fewer missed tackles.


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I’d like to see the injury number on this season compared to previous seasons.

Look how many starting QB’s are out

Look at both the Niners and our very own Cowboys which both have recorded the highest number of injuries in their franchise histories

My guess is that the injury numbers across the league tell a different story. But I’m too lazy to do the work to prove it

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Fewer missed tackles? Was this guy even paying attention when his Browns racked up over 300 yards rushing against the Cowboys? I've never seen such poor tackling technique.


Quality of the product just continues to go down the shitter. Most of these games (college and pro) are unwatchable in my opinion.
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