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I was on Saints Report forums before the game, and they were talking about this Cowboys forum is their favorite forum to get a glimpse into how the Cowboys fans currently feel about the Cowboys.
Of course your bullshit story isn't true, but I'll entertain it anyway.

IF the DCU is Saints fans go-to site, they're not coming here to see what Cowboys fans "feel." They know they can get that on just about all other DC sites - the rah-rah, sunshine-pumping, go team, cheerleader shit. If they come here, it is because they know this is where to find out what Cowboys fans THINK.... about the team. Not "feel."

Cowboys fans in general used to be knowledgeable about the game, and would call it out if the product on the field was shit. The few of those who are left, are here. The one-percenters. The other 99 percent of Cowboys fans out there are just mindless idiot cheerleaders, know very little about football, and of course let everyone know how they "feel" about the team and call any naysayers "fake fans." Not any different anymore from your typical Cleveland Browns fan.

Or you.


High Plains Drifter
I posted everywhere that I thought the Cowboys would win, because I knew they would.
IF you did it wasn't because of anything you knew, and I am quite sure you predict a Cowboys win each and every game. Because you're a Homer that way.
The Cowboys defense matches up nicely with the Saints offense.
It does not. It's actually a huge personnel mismatch especially our backend vs. their receiver corps which we compensated for by using Jimmy Johnson's 90s attack posture. Press coverage all day in the backend, upfield pressure rip in the front end with corner blitzes and line stunts mixed in at certain times. It was a one game only thing, you won't see it again anytime soon, and we did it out of desperation because we knew it was our only chance to hold them under 30.
You people thought we were gonna lose by 40 points
If we had played this game with our base defense which is risk-averse soft zone coverage in the backend, and read & react caution ball in the front end, they would have hung that fortyburger on us. Without a doubt. That's what their offense is designed to do. We took a desperate gamble and it worked.

All of the above is Greek to you, because you know nothing about football or what you saw in the Saints game, or what you see any other game.

I can prove I picked Dallas, and I know you can't. You're just a fucking liar to start with. You did NOT read around in this site, you just came straight here, registered and started this thread. Internet tracks, you has them.

You may now return to sucking Jerry's dick.


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I think I would have put the over/under on how long he stayed here at 24 hours

he barely made it past an hour



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He was probably telling all his buddies how bad he raked us over the coals.
Thanks to him I now know what a real fan does. Fuckin life changing.
Yeah. An internet tough guy and a young idiot. No clue about football or life. But we should also realize that this is the new breed of Cowboys fan. Never seen a SB, a real coach or a real GM. That's why I say these guys are not a fan of the team, they're a Jerry and/or Garrett fan.
if its that Abeta guy, he used to post here and left whining.
Not surprising since he doesn't have a mod squad to protect his sorry ass. He also truly enjoys it when Dallas loses because he then patrols any thread for even a hint of people being upset so he can shriek at what a better fan he is.

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