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I was driving home from work and heard this on the radio and busted out laughing

only wentz would sprain both lol

That cracked me up too

But when you see the nasty UFC type wrap up and take down type tackle that Aaron Donald made on him you can see why/how it happened. It was pretty impressive.

The sad thing is that it didn’t even look that serious.

It looks like the Eagles and now the Colts got themselves the next Tony Romo (made of glass) QB


Other than the Cowboys being in the Super Bowl, my dream scenario is for the Chiefs and Bucs to be in a repeat game of last yr and both Brady and Mahomes test positive for China virus.

Would love to see the reaction when both guys say they are completely symptom free but fucktard Goodell and his dumbass woke league won't allow them to play.


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You wait and see.

We'll make the playoffs and have to play opening weekend. We'll get the Monday night game, win and then get the ultra short turn around have have to play on Saturday in the divisional round.
Thus providing an instant made excuse. Sounds about right.
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