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I watch maybe 2 or 3 games a year that are non-Twins games. If they start off hot, I'll care. Until then, though, I'm having a hard time right now getting myself there.


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I watch absolutely ZERO games each year

And that includes when my local team is in WS


Because it’s not football


And whats the first thing I see?

Fucking shithead San Fran Giants and manager kneeling for the Anthem.

Fuck these people. I won't be watching any of this crap.


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that whole justin turner testing positive and being on the field probably wasnt a good idea


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I agree

I’m curious to see how it plays out

They said that they didn’t get the results till the game was already being played and they pulled him in the 8th inning

So technically, if COVID is as infectious as it’s being made out to be then nearly the entire Dodger team should end up infected just because of the close proximity that they all had to one another in the dugout
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