Welp, here it is, half way through the season and Dallas is tied with the second best record in the league, never would of thunk it.


Was traveling this weekend so didn't get to watch the game til last night. I had heard we won and read a bit about the game and was obviously concerned about all the pts and rushing yards we gave up, then watched it and saw how it happened and am not as concerned.

Everybody loves our defense but seeing our offense look really, really good again is definitely exciting. The OL really dominated this game yesterday and opened up just gaping holes for the backs. Prescott looked really good yesterday, far better than vs Tampa or Detroit. He had one bad play (although it was a great read by their FS, who is really good at attacking the ball in the air) but otherwise really looked good. Also liked that he put the ball down and ran a few times.

On defense, I can't imagine what it must be like for them to sit there and watch this stuff the next day. The league has got to make the refs start calling more of these obvious holding calls teams are getting away with. We probably would have had at least 2 or 3 more sacks (or at least call the hold and negate the damn Bears play, and move them back) and two of their tds featured BLATANT holding calls that were ignored. The no call on Fowler may have been one of the worst missed holding calls I've seen this yr, and the official is right there staring at it. Parsons was literally thrown down by a TE on one of their Tds and that wasn't called. The roughing the passer call was also pure garbage and we had the ball and good field position after Diggs' return, instead the Bears scored a few plays later. A few random thoughts:

1) I still don't understand how Hendershot missed that block punt at the end of the game. Probably a gimmee TD or at least a safety. Great effort though.

2) I know he's had two or three bad penalties, but Dante Fowler is proving to be a very nice, fairly cheap addition to this defense. Dude has a really explosive first step and some closing speed, and he also plays the run decently at times as well. Had 5 tackles, two tackles for loss, a sack (would have easily been two had he not been blatantly held on one 3rd down conversion, which would have ended a Bears TD drive) and also a pass defensed. Has 4 sacks in part time duty this year.

3) Jonathan Hankins had his debut and I thought with his age, mileage and enormous size he'd just be a fat guy kinda there to take up some space, but he showed some explosiveness on some plays that I didnt realize he still had. He also got blatantly held (like many other Cowboy DL's yesterday) and it wasnt called.

4) Fassell has really turned this special teams into a great unit that's capable of impacting games in multiple ways. Brett Maher is one of the best kickers in the league now, Brian Anger is one of the best punters and yesterday had an 83 yd punt. Turpin is an explosive return waiting to happen. Our coverage units are excellent and Fassell devises punt block schemes that are really having an impact. Hendershot (as noted above) nearly had another one yesterday.

5) The defense does need to clean up a few things, while the refs definitely help the Bears pad their yards and scoring, there's still too many run plays where we get mashed on.

6) Michael Gallup looked like the old Michael Gallup to me yesterday. Wasnt a huge numbers game but in terms of foot quickness and looking "smooth" running full speed he looked like he was there to me for the first time.

7) Bye is sorely needed, we had a bunch of guys miss yesterday and several more injured during the game.

8) Trade deadline today, seems like everyone expects a move or two. While WR seems to be mentioned most often, I'd still rather see them get another DT or LB. CB depth is a little worrisome too unless Bossman Fat steps up. Rookie Bland looks like a real find though.

9) Speaking of rookies, it's half way through the season now and it's pretty clear this has the makings of a special crop. A bunch of them playing key roles and getting tons of snaps. Tyler Smith looks like the best LT drafted so far, Sam Williams looks to be a steal. Ferguson and Hendershot are legit. Loved what we have seen from Bland and now LB Damone Clark is active. Turpin is a gem of a return guy.

10) It sounds like they are almost 100% certain Tyron Smith is going to be back in a few weeks. If he is 100%, what an enormous add he'd be to this OL, which is performing at a fairly high level now without him. The one trouble spot is LG, and if Tyron is good then Tyler could go to LG where they intended him to be this year.
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