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I’ll tell you what

This team is gonna give me a fucking heart!

But they are something special. It just feels like no matter what the situation is that we are never out of the game. I haven’t felt like that since Aikman and Staubach.

And Diggs? Wow, 10 INT’s in the last 10 games (going back to last season) with 2 pick six’s

This kid is something special.

I haven’t felt this good, this excited, this enthusiastic about a Cowboy team since Aikman was throwing the ball. If we can get our center situation under control, our kicker to stop missing FG’s, and if MM can figure out how to manage a fucking clock then this team might really be something amazing.

Especially after the bye when we start to get Le’al, Gallop , and D Law back.

It’s nice to not feel like we already lost the game before it even started like I used to feel with Carrot Top as HC.


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Diggs 6 consecutive games to start a season with an INT ties two other players for that record. One of them being our very own Tom Landry!

The stat didn’t mention who the other two players were.
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