Here is the Cowboys official 53 man roster

Gregory won’t count against the 53 until week 6

Something has to happen at LB. Going with 5 with Lee on IR, Gifford injured and prone to injury and LVE coming off injury is pretty risky. The have to be bringing someone else in. And if they do bring someone else in then my guess is they cut an offensive lineman?


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La'ei Collins out the first 3 games. Not a plus for an already unsettled O Line. Garrett would start building up the excuses for this. Let's see what McCarthy can do with an O Line that has no time to jell and will be down at least two starters from last year and maybe three.


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We just released Clinton haha dickhead

So wtf?

Are we signing ET?
Isn't it about time we address the safety position with a legit plan rather than keep feeding us how the guys we drafted, young guys (or insert whatever cliche you hear from training camp) are looking good and they feel good about going into the season with what they have?
ET would bring leadership and attitude which is what this defense needs and he helps solidify the back end our weak spot. Plus he's ALWAYS around the ball which provides opportunities.
It may not work out but to quote Minnie Driver from Good Will Hunting "Fuck it I want to give it a shot!!"


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According to 105.3 the fan The Cowboys brought Brandon Carr in for a visit today
Why oh why are we dipping back into this well?
Wasn't all that impressive when he was hear so let's go after the other ex Raven please...


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Apparently the blue and white scrimmage which is usually a big spectacle turned out to be a big bust for the fans this season

No names on the jerseys, shitty coverage that apparently showed the sidelines more than the play on the field. This was supposedly all from MM requests/demands as to not tip his hand and put players on film for other teams to steal

It sounds like and feels like MM has more control than any other coach Jeruh has hired. Maybe we will finally see Jeruh step back and just stick to what he’s good at (writing checks) and keep his nose out of football operations

Things just feel different for once with MM around. He’s a real coach who’s not sucking at Jeruh’s teet and just thankful for a chance to be a HC. He’s established and not letting Jeruh roll right over him.

Fingers crossed this is a positive sign of things to come!

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