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The NFL app has a stat line for the game showing that Andy Dalton has lost 4 straight Monday Night games




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Shame we have to wait till Monday night ...sigh . Kyler Murray is getting better and better every week . Hopkins catches at least 10 balls a game . The cardinals are ranked 10th in overall defense. ( middle of the pack against the rush but 4th in passing ). I expect the cowboys to give the cardinals a heavyyy dose of Zeke and limit the amount of throws by Dalton to avoid turnovers. Hopefully the defense can get a few pieces back and make some plays . The secondary better figure this out quick because they will get eatin up by Hopkins, Fitzgerald and Kirk if they do not . Ultimately I feel Murray’s mobility will be way too much because the cowboys will over peruse and open up massive running lanes. Cardinals by 10 , if we turn the ball over could be 17-20.


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I don’t see this game being pleasant to watch as a Cowboy fan on Monday

They are going to Stack the box to stop Zeke and make Dalton beat you. Hopefully Dalton can take advantage of that. We shall see. That’s what every teams game plan usually is against us even with Dak playing. But lately teams have been able to keep Zeke under control.

what really scares me is our Defense is going to get ass raped!

Deondre Hopkins and Fitzgerald are going to have a field day with our inept secondary

I see this as an UGLY game


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Jerry stated that Randy Gregory has the highest SAT score of any Cowboy player in history. I don’t know if he meant from the team inception or just from when he bought the team.

Either way, I just can’t believe that to be an accurate statement. If it is true, good for him. But I just can’t picture him doing that well on the SAT’s.
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