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We SHOULD win this game today. Right?
Took these fuckers in survivor so they better pull through!!!
I think the momentum will carry over and MM had them prepared for the Vikings and I suspect he had the Foreskins game plan already started due to the short week
Plus I think with the way things went in DC they will want pay back...Bostic better have his head on a swivel and if he doesn't get cheap shotted all day I'm gonna be pissed...RBs, OL, WRs...everybody get in on the action


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Bostic was more concerned for Dalton after the hit than any Cowboy player was

Our guys just said fuck it and walked off the field

Bostic should be cheap shotting our players all day for being shitty teammates to Dalton


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8:33 left to play in the first and we’ve already lost Cam Irvin and now Zach Martin?

Well at least we won’t have to worry about winning anymore games this season


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So ummm...

How many injuries must a team experience before they have to officially forfeit the season?

I don’t ever remember a season where we have had this many injuries on both sides of the ball


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Martin is out for the rest of the game. That likely means his injury is severe and he will be out for the season
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