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Time to make your blood boil - a little more:

This study shows that Ivermectin, the Nobel prize winning drug that many countries banned for use as a treatment for COVID is actually extremely effective as a prophylactic against COVID-19. This observational study of over 230k subjects provides definitive evidence that Ivermectin works to reduce the duration and severity of COVID.

In other words, if Fauci, the FDA and other Democrats did not prohibit the use of Ivermectin as a treatment of COVID, hundreds of thousands of lives may have been saved. But in 2020, it was more important to hurt Trump but increasing deaths and shutting down the country than saving lives. This is only one example of how Democrats put politics above the lives of citizens. Thee are others. When they tell you they do not care about your life multiple times, believe them.


Defense Wins Championships


Defense Wins Championships
There never should have been masking anywhere to begin with.
Right... No one, by law, that has the Flu, has to mask up, when going out in public.

The masking up part should always be left to those that feel they are high risk.

The high risk people are their own problem. If you're high risk, then just don't leave home.

What they did to us, was like demanding that the whole world be carpeted, because some were too foolish to not wear shoes.


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