Defense Wins Championships


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I believe nothing of what this guy says. He's a radical and wouldn't answer any questions regarding Hunter Biden. If there is one case that should have a Special Counsel, it's Hunter Biden's case. Completely corrupted and lacks any integrity.


Defense Wins Championships
California's unemployment fraud reaches at least $20 billion during the Pandemic - That's B, with a Billion

The fraud began in 2020 as stacks of envelopes started showing up in mailboxes across California and across the U.S. The addresses were correct but the names were for people who never lived there. Initially, EDD gave no estimate. In fact, during a previous legislative hearing, former director Sharon Hilliard told legislators they did not track that data.

By January, in the wake of two state audits into dysfunction inside the department, the EDD gave a first, very broad estimate. That was for $11.9 billion paid out, with a possibility it could rise as high as $30 billion.


Defense Wins Championships
Joe Rogan talking about Ivermectin. He claims is was prescribed to many members of Congress. Yet the MSM, or "Corporate Press" as he like to refer to them, went against Ivermectin. Why? It's patents have expired....



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So CV19 cases and hospitalizations are dropping rapidly again while breakthrough cases are increasing. Explain to me why the vaccine is mandated?

It's 100% clear the vaccine is working!!!!!!!

Lets do more masks, lockdowns and vaccine boosters to ensure humanity is not wiped out by this dreaded virus!!!!!
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