2018 NCAA football thread


Alabama, Clemson and GA all rolled yesterday.

The Hawaiian kid that came in at QB and won the national champ for them last yr appears to be the real deal. He lit it up last night with numerous perfect throws.

Michigan shit their pants and flopped on national TV. I think this (2018) will be the end of the Harbaugh era, he'll either be back in the NFL next year or maybe out of football and into the media.


So glad Richt is in Miami and not in Athens GA any longer.

Richt and Garrett are the same coaches, just one in college and other pro.

Undisciplined, unprepared, lousy fundamentals...its all the same


So was Texas. For the 2nd straight yr.

Longhorns are a joke. How can you have the recruiting base they have and be this mediocre?
I never understand when people say Texas has this long tradition of winning and its the best job in the country. How?


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Does Jerry run them too?
one would think, I think I heard some major boosters who influence things heavily at UT are oil guys, so they're cut from the same cloth

whats especially similar imo is how arrogant UT is and players who go there are too, so collectively they think they've already won and then underachieve year in and out, no matter which coach they bring in. Similar country club atmosphere, etc, etc

UT should be a powerhouse year in and out in my opinion but they're nothing more than a consistent, colossal flop considering their ability to recruit and how awesome Austin is for everyone involved.

If it wasn't for the National championship a few years ago, you'd have to go back to the 60's (actually, the last one was in 1970) to find another one

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