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I grew up about a 1/4 mile from their training facility and went to school with several players kids. Melvin Renfro was a really, cool kid that was kind to me at a time when a lot of kids weren't. I found out from his dad Mel recently that Melvin passed away a couple of years ago, far too early..I hoped to reconnect with him some day, perhaps on the other side...

This is a kid I grew up with taking a picture with Harvey Martin. We'd all hang out at the Pizza Hut & Long John Silvers next to the training facility and then stalk the players as they left and they'd hang out, take pictures, talk to us, etc

Its all these experiences growing up that made me a rabid Cowboy fan, jeri and spawn and completely killed that fandom

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Old facility pics:

forest lane training facility-02.jpg

We'd stand on egg crates and watch practices from over the fence, pretty generic

forest lane training facility-01.jpg


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After jeri fired Jimmy, I told my buddy Super Bowl XXX would be the last chance to see the Cowboys win a Super Bowl and we had to find a way to go. A friend of his' mom worked for the Cowboys and got us great tickets on around the 10 yard line for $650 and we got to ride the chartered team bus with all the staff and go to the Cowboys after party and chew the fat with players and cheerleaders.

We had a great conversation with Kevin Williams and told him he saved the entire season with his great diving catch against the Giants because if they had lost that game, they wouldn't have a chance for home field throughout and that team desperately needed it because they were on their last legs as a team and desperately needed the bye and home field if they were going to pull off another win. Kevin was genuinely surprised and amazed at our comments, he had no idea how big of a catch it was. He was very humble and friendly which made me even more happen for him.

I started playing poker that weekend too. I think I slept about 5 hours over 3 days, it was a blast!

Here's some pics from our seats at Super Bowl XXX:






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