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If you're going to the game Saturday night, wear all white. So says the DC front office. We're having a "White Out" event and even the team will be wearing the all white uniform.

Just FYI.


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I don't hate those unis, used to like the throwbacks ok too.
For myself, special unis are better when not overused.
I don't mind saying ours are amongst the best. Some of the other throwbacks and color rush are garbage. The Steelers throwbacks remind me of John Belushi dressed up as killer bee.


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Didn’t Romo break his second collarbone of the season wearing the all white Unis?


Taking a page out the college handbook, the Cowboys have billed the game as “a whiteout” and are encouraging fans to wear white to match the traditional white home jerseys.

The Cowboys want to rattle Carroll and the Seahawks with a loud, raucous rave.

Owner Jerry Jones says he has a white suit and wants the fans to get loud Saturday night.


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You said Romo never wore the all white uni, but he did.
All-white uni is just that - ALL white. Regular home jersey combined with white pants. Not the semi throwback "color rush" jersey pictured. All-white was Dez's idea and it debuted AFTER choker Tony retired.


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The "all white" uni that Scot referenced is the one Romo is wearing in that pic.
No reason he would, since even you mentioned the Nawlins game unis and their "magic." We were never talking about the color rush outfit you pictured. We were talking about the all-white. Romo never wore the all-white.

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