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I saw White Zombie a number of times. But the best show was at the Paladium in Hollywood. The place holds maybe 3500 total.

During the show the entire bottom floor turned into a gyrating rotating giant ass mosh pit about the size of a football field. It was like a fucking Mary go round. You would have to get a running start to jump into the pit, then mosh your way around a few times until you got tired and got spat out on your ass!

Those were fun times. Steel toe boots required, and better take your watch off and put it in your pocket or it was gone for sure.


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Then again at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Pantera with White Zombie opening up for them where everyone started jumping up and down to the beat and you could feel the floor oscillate up and down about 8-12 inches. It felt like a giant trampoline. The entire night it felt like we were all going to fall through the floor at any moment.

Rob Zombie could get a crowd going like no other back in his time. White Zombie always stole the show. Even from Pantera


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I only got to see WZ twice. The first time was the best. They headlined at the Dallas Fair Park Coliseum, which holds about 8500 and was built in 1955. We had lower balcony seats. It was an awesome show!! Full Tilt Zombie!!!

The second time was on their last tour, and they double-billed with Pantera at the Dallas Starplex.

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While making a party mix file, I came across this cover/trubute band from Russia...They do Chicago tunes better than the original....The lead's falsetto voice is absent the whiny aspect of Peter Cetera.


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