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What in theeeee hell are these youngins listening to nowadays?

At one point I had a 30 song playlist with all kinds of Eurobeat. That aside Eurobeat is basically European disco pop music. If you've ever heard the term "J-Pop" (referring to japanese pop music) or "K-Pop" (referring to korean pop music) Eurobeat is european pop. The genre is most well known for its inclusion as the soundtrack in the street racing anime Initial D. Being that Initial D is my favorite anime in part because of the Eurobeat music, that is what I've been listening to for a long while now.

Here are some other Eurobeat songs I like:

There is also a thing called Touhou Eurobeat which is a whole different can of worms AND I found out recently that there is Disney Eurobeat which is actually really good. Here is a good example of that:

I hope that at least somewhat answered your question.
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