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I was disheartened to see that he actually was looking pretty chipper and very much alive in the war room yesterday

He seems to appear healthier yesterday than any other time this off season

He seems to be getting better damn it!

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Pro Bowler
He's looking better lately damn it. I was hoping we had seen the beginning of his downward spiral into deaths door

Alas, no such luck as it appears his Keith Richards blood transfusion has worked and taken hold once again

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I posted this several weeks ago after seeing him and hearing him on TV.

He looks really bad, like sick bad. he sounds bad. I wonder if all the liquor has finally done his liver in and if his body is just breaking down.

I agree. My bad. I pressed the wrong icon in lower left corner. I do not 'hate' the above post or pretty much anything.
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The picture I posted is William Sadler portraying Death in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. He does somewhat resemble the wrestler Sting though.


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So you wish death on a guy who hasn't quite done what you'd like in a sport.

Some worthless mfers here for sure.
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