More liberal tomfoolery. Now they want to set term limits for Supreme Court Justices but this would defy the constitution so they came up with a clever scheme to remove justices from the bench but continue to call them Supreme Court Justices, and pay them. Of course they can't set term limits for SCOTUS justices without a constitutional amendment and they know that so this little chicanery is an attempt to circumvent the constitution with a federal law.

But if it quacks like a duck...

I don't think this will pass because the Senate will not approve it. But what if it did? How would this be adjudicated in the courts as the Supreme Court would be the injured party? The SCOTUS cannot recuse itself. It would set up a constitutional crisis. The congress is literally attacking the SCOTUS.

Doesn't surprise me. The Democrats (the vast majority) HATE the constitution and wish it didn't exist, therefore anything that exists to UPHOLD the constitution is an immense threat to them.

I suspect the closer we get to election day and polling becomes more negative for them, they'll get even more desperate to slam through all kinds of leftist/libtard initiatives to further destroy the country as much as they can before they are shown the fucking door. Their only real hope at a massive shift in numbers is to lockdown the country again with another fake virus, which I definitely wouldn't put past them. The fact that the WHO and CDC are already sounding the alarm over another bullshit virus should concern everyone.


Defense Wins Championships
Sneaky Parents Dress Son Up As A Girl On First Day Of School So Teachers Will Show Him How To Be A Boy



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Fat pig rino busted lying (again)

The entire narrative about Jan 6 being an insurrection, and some kind of horrible event in our history, is one big lie so what difference does it make if he tells 400 little lies?

Liberals are mincing words on this one because she said Trump did not "order" troops. Technically correct, but Trump cannot order troops into the Capitol. He authorized them and Pelosi has to ask for them. But Democrats are claiming that they were afraid of how 20,000 troops would look in Washington DC. Of course after Jan 6 Pelosi ordered fencing and barriers to go along with the 6,000 troops that patrolled Washington.


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And yet, the IRS answers no questions about why they need all these guns and ammo.

The last Democrat climate bill allocated a boatload of new money to the IRS for enforcement.

What we need are Republicans with some cajones.
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