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I'm going to hope the Chiefs win this by some chance, but how many times does a supposedly great offense have to be beaten down by a good D in the SB for people to figure it out? Hopefully these 49ers aren't as elite as defenses in the past, but if they are, the KC Chiefs will just be another in a long line of great offenses that take it on the chin.


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Kind of weird . I want the chiefs to win , but if San Fran wins I win $100 🤷🏻‍♂️. I’m just rooting for my numbers in the pools . It’s hard to root for any team in the super bowl unless the Cowboys are in it.


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Adam Schefter‏ @AdamSchefter 2 hours ago

Both the Chiefs and 49ers fly to Miami today to continue their preparations for Super Bowl LIV. The Chiefs are scheduled to land in Miami about 4:30 pm, with the 49ers scheduled to land shortly after 7 pm.


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they got some cheesy stuff going on this year, looked like the opening ceremony of the olympics on whatever the hell I watched today


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Go chiefs. I honestly don't have that much of a problem with the 49ers, but their fanbase pisses me off. They couldn't even fill their stadium a year ago, and now the fans have all come out of the woodwork. Fairweather bitches. I mean, I hate OUR fans more, but at least we show up and represent with our miserable asses.

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