So now there's massive rioting and looting in Chicago, after what appears to be an absolutely warranted officer involved shooting of some thug.


It won't stop. people will find a justification, however unwarranted, for their illegal actions.
Apparently nothing is illegal in libtard run cities except church gatherings, excising your 2nd Amendment rights to protect your home from a mob, having multiple right leaning people congregate together, and other such things. It appears that there are no longer laws for anyone other than Christian conservatives.


LOL, I guess I missed this. Did it actually take place?

Chicago, IL – Multiple social justice groups calling for 25,000 protesters to shut down a major interstate in Chicago this week are moving full speed ahead after reportedly reaching a deal with city officials.

Last month, Transportation Nation Network (TNN) first reported numerous social justice organizations are sponsoring a protest being called “Black Lives Matter March: SHUT DOWN OUR DAN RYAN.”

The interstate shutdown is planned for this upcoming Saturday, August 15 beginning at 12 p.m. CDT.

According to one of the groups, Tikkun-Chai International, organizers met with Chicago city officials last week and reached a “compromise” that will allow protesters to shut down the interstate.

As part of the terms of that agreement, protesters will be provided safe passage along their planned route from Rogar Park, and ultimately, allowed entry onto the Dan Ryan Expressway.

The Dan Ryan Expressway runs from the Circle Interchange with Interstate 290 near Downtown Chicago through the South Side of the city.

However, some restrictions were agreed to such as: protesters will not be allowed to follow behind the march in a motor vehicle, no wagons or water coolers will be allowed, bikers will not be permitted, and participants must adhere to the designated route approved by city officials.

Further, the group indicated police “promised” to close the stretch of interstate and block entry “after [the] entire march is fully on the expressway.”

Last week, in an exclusive statement to TNN, an Illinois State Police (ISP) spokesperson said the Department intended to take “appropriate measures” and would “protect the rights of those seeking to peacefully protest, as well as ensuring the safety of the motoring public and public in general.”

The group said shutting down the interstate will be the “highlight of the event.”


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It is very rare for me to agree with a democRAT but this congressman nailed it.

He is almost right. There were plenty of violent protests in the 1960s too. But MLK figured out, or learned from Gandhi, that peaceful protesting was more likely to achieve the desired outcome than violence. Violent conflict never solves anything unless one side exterminates the other and that usually means both sides suffer unacceptable losses.

But his most powerful statement if about us. We don't even have the courage anymore to defend our own stuff. Our government fails us when they allow statues, buildings, cars, or anything else to be torn down.

The fact is, the problem we are fighting about is mostly imaginary and statistics prove it. But when you believe what you see on twitter is the whole world then it is no wonder you are outraged all the time.


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Did Soros stop sending out the checks?

Why did all the rioting/looting/burning down of businesses stop?

Did Soros figure out it was turning voters against the left so he decided to stop paying them the riot?
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