It is Randall Morris in the photo. He wore #34 his rookie year (1984) during preseason, before the Seahawks signed Franco Harris, who took #34 and Morris changed to #43.

Check out the link to the play-by-play and boxscore from the Seahawks/49ers '84 preseason game. Morris is listed as #34. Also notice the Seattle drive beginning at 4:14 remaining in the 4th quarter - Morris ran around right end for 37-yards before Fuller pushed him out.


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If I were a running back, I'd give the ball to my O-Line to spike. The honor is all yours Yim.

thank you brother but just like most linemen, I got tired around the 30 yard line and tripped over my own feet and blubber so I'll happily take joy in your success, I was merely interested in solving the mystery and that's what you did fine sir
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