How will Goodell handle this situation?


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Goodell looks at notes: Foster, not a Cowboy. Incident swept under rug.
Pretty close

He is getting a two game suspension for both the DV charges that were eventually dismissed as well as him violating the leagues drug policy by being arrested in the possession of marijuana

So two violations and only a two game suspension????

that’s some buuuuuuullllllsheeeeeeeeiiiittt right there!
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did they renegotiate something between the union and nfl between now and when elliott was suspended ???

foster (weapons/drugs), winston (pussy grab), jenkins (dead body-his brother did it?), obj (weed&coke on camera) have all had some crazy shit happen to them after zeke's suspension. obj was having a great time but shouldnt he have been suspended too?? the guy catches everything but he cant catch a couple games for at least drug possession ???

zeke flicks a titty on tv and gets buried for 6 games


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also between all those dickheads

foster + winston + jenkins + obj = 5 total games missed

zeke = 6 games missed
I'm hoping Goodell does look the other way, or punish this guy less than Zeke. Just going to make the league's bias that much more clear to the normies.
Funny how we all predicted lesser punishment for the same offense (both with charges dismissed by real law enforcement).

"Hey, but there's no anti-Cowboys bias in the NFL!"

Can't credibly make that claim anymore. The NFL would rather not have the Cowboys in the league because Texas killed Kennedy (even though it was a leftist communist who did it).


Anywhere on the line.
I don't like to wish harm on anyone, but if Goodell got ass raped with a barbed wire dildo, I wouldn't mind.
He probably wouldn't either, tbh.


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Lesean his dog into kdney failure, apparently beats his kid for pissing the bed and today pics are up on twitter on the beatdown he gave his GF

I'm sure shitforbrains Goodell will really throw the book at McCoy for his rampage and give him a full one game suspension.

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