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Posted by Captain Late, and I agree:

Gil Brandt definitely left his imprint on both the Dallas Cowboys and NFL History through his scouting and player evaluation efforts that were ahead of their time when he started out in 1960.

Finding "heart and soul" players from small schools like Cornell Green,Jethro Pugh and Rayfield Wright.Getting 3 All Time Great HOF Players in the 1964 Draft-Mel Renfro,Bob Hayes,Roger Staubach.Infusing the 1975 Cowboys Team with the "Dirty Dozen" Draft which added so many important contributing players that helped Coach Tom Landry continue his success through the late 1970's and early 1980's.Adding an All Time Great RB in Tony Dorsett via trade from Seattle in the 1977 Draft.And locating so many undrafted Free Agent Players that went on to outstanding careers.

Gil Brandt always praised the Great Dallas Cowboys Players that made the Team such an amazing part of NFL History and made clear his respect and admiration for Coach Landry.Fortunately he was acknowledged by the NFL and was enshrined in the HOF while he could enjoy his well deserved honor.

RIP Mr.Brandt,your place in history will never be forgotten.


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Great football man for a long time, although I thought after the Tony Dorsett draft in 1977 that he fell off a cliff as a personnel/draft guru. His drafts from 78-87 were really awful and helped torpedo the team (although bad luck with Billy Cannon and Mike Sherrard), ironically his best draft after the 77 one was his last one, we landed Michael Irvin, Kenny Norton and Chad Hennings and that draft (along with taking a flier on some guy named Herschel Walker in 1985) helped fuel the turn-around.


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Another one Jerry owes a debt of gratitude to. Had a big hand in the early popularity and success of the team, leading to them being America's team. In the beginning had the Cowboys way out in front when it came to scouting. RIP Gil and thanks for all you did.
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