ok...now that I got that working... It's FF
I was in two leagues last season...one of them I took over a team in about the last
5 games....terrible team...mostly injured and good players that just quit producing.
I won 2 out of 5 games and ended up in 12 place in a 14 game league!...did I mention that
there was practically nothing on the waiver wires...lol
But my 1rst team (a 10 team league)I actually made it to the Championship game. Lost it and took 2nd place or fiddle or whatever.
RB Todd Gurley ran and caught for 66 freaking points...that "kilt me!".
All-n-all I had fun, and I'm looking forward to playing again this season...This will be my 3rd season. jus' sayin':crapstorm
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Draft Pick
I had two random leagues this year. .500 in one, 2nd round of the playoffs in the other. Had excellent drafting at the time, but a couple of key players fell apart, as often happens to some team or another.

My two dynasty leagues were a contrast. The first one I'm rebuilding in. Had an excellent draft, and in a big league with a mostly young group and a big break with the Jacksonville defense a .500 record was good enough for the final playoff spot. I'll still have a top 10 pick for next year so a good young team can get even better.

My second dynasty was a 10-3 regular season, a tight divisional game and Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon and Ben Roethlisberger leading me to a 110 point championship game win. Very pleased with where I ended up overall in both leagues.
... Happy for you man...it must feel nice to win the "Big One."...I came close but no cigar.
This coming season will be my 3rd...I'm ready and looking forward to it...by the way I believe that I've been a
better GM than coach...I'll have to work on that!
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