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Witnesses saw a firework strike Kivlenieks directly in the chest as he attempted to run out of the hot tub, causing him to fall. However, the impact in his chest - rather than the fall - is believed to have caused his death.

Police say the goalie was about 10 feet away from that mortar before suffering what is called a percussion injury or blast injury.

It was a direct shot right to his chest that did massive internal damage to the organs.

The fire department and EMTs got to the private home about 10:13pm on Sunday night. Kivlenieks is said to have told one teammate not to get into the ambulance with him.

'[Kivlenieks] didn't want him to have to see that,' Kivlenieks's agent Jay Grossman told

EMTs took him to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead, Meier said.
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