Bill O'Reilly done at FOX News


I never could watch that show on a regular basis.

He's way obnoxious. Asks a question then cuts you off half way through your answer. Fuck that. I bet Charles Krauthammer wishes he could get out of his wheelchair and stomp bill's ass just once.


High Plains Drifter
Nonsensical pompous populist ass whose one and only answer to EVERYTHING is, more intrusive bigger government. Furthest thing from a conservative there is, except on social issues. But even for those, MOAR GUBMINT is his non-conservative answer. Won't be missed, stopped watching him years ago.


He was FoxNews but they've been in a freefall decline for several years and he was their star. As bad as Fox is its still far better than MSNBC or the Clinton New Network.
Ugh, Tucker Carlson is insufferable to me. He argues like a child. I think it's when he laughs at people he disagrees with that just turns me off.

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