Anywhere on the line.
Sooooo, besides my lack of a Quarterback to appease Dodger12 ..what did you think of my mock?

Well sir, still trying to improve my own mock game, so I like that you put up the corresponding grades.
Looks decent to me for a preseason mock.
What are thoughts on the draft itself? Will the NFL change up it's own post season plans, i.e. combine, team visits etc.?
They almost have to, don't they?


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Because it is my belief that Jarwin is a JAG.

Also, in that simulation, Kyle PItts was by far the BPA when the Cowboys pick came up.
ya i dont think jarwin is anything special either, but maybe he is enough for this offense? i guess my question was more along the lines of where pitts ranks among his peers now. is he a tier 1 college TE ? if so then thats something to get excited about

bottom line im cool with taking BPA especially now that DAL has a coach that knows how to exploit mismatches, but im not educated in the current college TEs


Regarding John Stephen Jones, you can absolutley pencil him in as a 2023 UDFA signing for the Cowboys.

Regarding our dumbass fans, dbair and his ilk will absolutely insist it has nothing to do with nepoitism and that the 5'11" (sure he's 5'11") Quarterback "earned" it on his own.

There's no way he gets a camp invite to anyone, let alone us.

Dude has no NFL talent whatsoever.


Because it is my belief that Jarwin is a JAG.

We'll see on Jarwin. I bet he has far more success in McCarthy's offense simply because they will use him, and not let him rot away on the bench behind a nearly 40 yr old TE who can't run a 5.0 40 any longer.

He's going to get a chance to make some plays downfield with as much attention as teams will have to pay to our WR's and Zeke.
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