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Does anyone know of an Audio expert that specializes in audio file restoration/manipulation?

I have a client that has an old recording with some whispering on it and a lot of background noise. He needs the audio restored as well as the background noise reduced and/or the whispering part of the audio enhanced so he can hear it.

The reason I am asking for an Audio Expert in Texas is because my client is paranoid and refuses to send the audio file digitally, and he refuses to mail the original for fear of it getting lost in transit.

So he is looking for someone in Texas that he can drive the original to.

Sure, I can look up any old audio guy in Texas on the internet and refer my client to him. But I thought I would check with you guys that live in Texas first to see if any of you personally knew of someone. I’m always much more comfortable sending a client to someone that is recommended as opposed to just “some guy” off the internet.

Plus, if I land this case and it goes to your guy then I can workout some type of referral fee for you.


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You should know from reading here at DCU that I'm your huckleberry for something like this.

Is it in an official capacity?

Meaning you have your own verifiable company or work for an Audio Restoration/forensics type company?

Or is it just work you do on the side?


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you have your own verifiable company or work for an Audio Restoration/forensics type company?
I have an audio studio where people come in and make their albums. Much like the Beatles did to get their start, and Elvis, and etc. You come in, set up, perform and I produce you. My equipment can do anything though, pulling whispers out is childsplay.

The guy I really want to give you is Carlos Casso of Audio Refinery. I'll hit you via PM.
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