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Micah Parsons has a 27% pass rush win rate at edge this season. He hasn't played there enough to qualify for the leaderboard. But if he did and kept up that pace, he would rank second -- only behind Myles Garrett.


Zoners: "auhhggghhhhh Kellen Moore sux!!!!! He cant call plays worth anything. If he would run the ball we would have won the game!!!!!!!"

Another gem: "Moore sux unless they are dominating the game and ahead" (Hey asswipes, who called the plays to get the team dominating and ahead?)

Fact: Cowboys gained 31 yds on one rush (an extremely well executed trick play). The rest of the game we had a total 51yds on 15 carries, apparently in ZonerTard world 3.4 yds per carry is successful and an indicator of run game dominance. By the way, that 31 yd run was also the ONLY rushing play that resulted in a first down the entire game for us.

We got whipped every way there was up front and yet dumbfuck Zoners somehow believe if Moore would have only called 50 rushing plays we'd have thoroughly dominated the game.

More facts for fucktard Zone: Cowboys rank 10th in the league in rush attempts even though all but one of the teams ahead of us have played one more game. Tennessee leads the league in rush attempts per game at 31, Dallas averages 29. We also rank 10th in pass attempts, so their retard narrative that we pass the ball "all the time" is complete rubbish.

Moral of this? Don't invite those fucktards over here
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