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Here is my prediction for the 2021 season. It will not surprise me one bit if we have to forfeit at least one game this season because of Covid.

2021 Cowboys Schedule

1 Cowboys @ Bucks (L)
2 Cowboys @ Chargers (L)
3 Eagles @ Cowboys (W)
4 Panthers @ Cowboys (L)
5 Giants @ Cowboys (W)
6 Cowboys @ Patriots (W)
7 Bye
8 Cowboys @ Vikings (L)
9 Broncos @ Cowboys (W)
10 Falcons @ Cowboys (W)
11 Cowboys @ Chiefs (L)
12 Raiders @ Cowboys (L)
13 Cowboys @ Saints (W)
14 Cowboys @ WFT (L)
15 Cowboys @ Giants (W)
16 WFT @ Cowboys (L)
17 Cardinals @ Cowboys (L)
18 Cowboys @ Eagles (W)

8 and 9
We lose the division to the WFT in week 16 and just barely make it as a wild card team, then get knocked out of the playoffs in the first round.

Get your predictions in before the start of the game vs the Bucks on 9/9/2021.


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This is the most optimistic I think I’ve seen you be at the start of the season.
I like what I've seen out of the new D. Stopping people seems to be a priority now. Simple setup, the players aren't confused. Few missed tackles even by the scrubs. Lots of good hustle. LBs able to play downhill and lined up deeper than either last year's mess orrrrr the Tampa 2 allows. Feels like a much better vibe and some early chemistry. But, we shall see.


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I like what I’ve seen as well

But there are too many unknowns.

None of our skill players have played in the preseason. Cooper is hurt “again” and he has always been hurt his entire career. Lamb was out due to Covid, Gallop was out due to injury.

Dak hasn’t taken a snap since week 5 of last season. Plus he was also injured and couldn’t throw for most of camp. Sure, he looks good in practice. But that’s practice.

Who knows what Zeke will show up this season. Plus, even if we do get the Zeke of old, that doesn’t mean that MM and wonder boy KM will actually use him effectively.

Our entire offense has not taken a single snap together as a unit all preseason. Their first snap as an offense will be vs the SB champs.

Who knows if we will be able to stop the run

Our secondary looks good, but are unproven

Our O Line is already taking a hit because of Covid. And it’s only game one.

I’m sure this won’t be the last player we miss due to Covid. I suspect we will have an outbreak to some degree on this team. We pretty much already have and it’s already kept a major player off the field for the season opener against the defending SB champs.

I guess what I’m saying is I’ll believe it when I see it.


I think they could win 9 or 10 games, depending on the health of the team and assuming at least some improvement of the defense.

This is a bad division and I could see them going 5-1 or even 6-0 there, so they only have to win 3-5 other games to make the playoffs.

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Preseason games and results are meaningless, except for one thing. They give you a good indication of how much depth you have on your roster. And as per usual our depth is almost non-existent (except at the WR position and perhaps the LB position).

I think our starters can mix it with anyone in the league, and they should win the NFC East if by some miracle they can stay relatively injury and Covid-free. But they won't. So I want to say 7-10, but I'll give them an extra win by virtue of playing in a poor division. 8-9.


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I think we win around 8 or 9 games with a healthy Dak. But the real question is this.....can we stay relevant until the end?


I think we win around 8 or 9 games with a healthy Dak. But the real question is this.....can we stay relevant until the end?

As absolutely shitty as this team was last yr, we were actually in the playoff race til the end. The defense was historically bad and the offense was devastated by injuries.

I don't see anyone in the division that really improved any in the offseason, so I suspect we will be "relevant" till the end of the year again.

If the defense can improve to be at least average/ above mediocre and the key guys stay healthy, I could see them winning 9 or 10 games and winning the division.
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