Pro Bowler
This is his 10th Super Bowl

He won 6

Has a chance to make it 7

There is no question any longer. Plus the whole Brady/BB and who needs who more discussion is now dead too.

BB had 19 straight winning seasons. Brady leaves and BB has his first losing season in 2 decades. (Cowboy fans and the Ghost of Tom Landry thank you)

Brady then goes on to take his new team to the Super Bowl who haven’t been there since the 2002 season.


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Plays like the fumble recovery the Bills just got are the ones that make or break a game like this one. Sudden 10 point lead and huge momentum shift; if KC doesn't answer immediately with a touchdown it could deflate the team and the crowd.


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I'd just like to take this opportunity to congratulate Jeri on reaching an incredible milestone. 25 consecutive seasons without a Conference Championship Game appearance for the Dallas Cowboys. Thank you Jeri. Thanks for all you continue to do for us fans.
And here we are watching fucking BUFFALO in a conference championship game, before we could make it back.


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And they answered. I thought they would, but we've seen teams that didn't before so I thought I'd mention it.


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Travis Kelce is just on a different level. If he plays half this good in the Super Bowl the Bucs won't stand a chance.


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I honestly think, aside from the lines, the talent level between KC and Buffalo isn't that vast. The Chiefs won primarily because of the one thing they had that the Bills were lacking in, experience. I hope we see this same matchup in a year and see what it looks like then.
All that aside, congratulations to the Chiefs. I'd have to list them right now as the favorites going in, mainly because of Kelce and Hill. But in a Brady Bowl, who knows what will happen at this point...
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