2016 DCU Fantasy Football League


Ring of Honor
Who's gonna take the lead and start one this year.

If we start it now, we might be able to fill it before dbair returns.

Just kidding. There's like 5 members here.


Anywhere on the line.
Yeah,I've already gotten reminders in SBKs two leagues,NoShame was commish of ours last year,wonder if he's interested


Shit, my fault guys. I've been really fuckin busy it slipped my mind.

Gotta defend my title so I'll sign up soon.


Ring of Honor
Don't wait too long... I started this league 24 hours ago and we already had one other person sign up.

You fucking dead beat ass holes.


Ring of Honor
Okay if we don't have at least 10 people in this thing by the end of the coming weekend then I'm just going to shit can the league.

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