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  • Then why'd you fuck her? I know you'll deny, but you did. At least once. That's why she was so obsessed. You toyed with her emotions. Hell you probably strung her along whenever you needed a piece. Your dirty little secret.
    You'll probably run into her in like 10 years and she'll miraculously be fine af, but won't give you the time of day
    Tell your girlfriend to add more pics to her FB profile. I'm tired of jerkin it to the same ones over and over again.
    Kill your sisters lover? Kill me and next thing you know, your depressed sister is shooting at you while Columbian hitmen storm your house. Seen that shit in movie once. It really goes down like that.
    Wasnt my fault singletary got all weird with the religion bullshit.. Get the fuck off my shit, bol.
    Just saw where Mike Singletary was interviewing with the Bears tomorrow. Reminded me of how way back in time at either CowboysCentral or the DCT, how we disagreed on Singletary as a head coach and how you thought he was going to be awesome coaching the 9'ers. It was a long thread. I'm sure you remember.

    Anyways.. you were wrong, fuckface. Don't ever disagree with me. Ever. You got me?
    Just think... if the holes she can see are that unkempt... imagine what her "special" holes look like. MMmmmmmm...
    Ah fuck thats gross.

    Them teeth... smh.

    I always wondered if all the yellow shit on her teeth provided a smoother ride during blowjobs... Let me know.
    I might take you up on that one day. I mean, it's all the same with the lights off anyway, right? And in the morning, I could just scrape the butter off her teeth for my toast.
    lol I'm telling you brother.. She's all about you.

    Just let me know when you're ready.. I'll set it up.
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