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the 2018 dallas cowboys suck and should be in line for a top 10-15 pick come the 2019 draft.***

who do you think will be there to help the cowboys the most ?

do you think Dak is a lost cause (new coaching staff or not) and dallas just needs to get a qb w a high draft pick.

should DAL go DLine ? defensive interior? more edge guys? they need both

does DAL get a tight end? without a qb to throw to that seems stupid

does DAL need to give up the farm for a QB? anybody worth that ? do you even trust the people in charge to get this right?

what do you think ?

anybody you like ?

***im not going to get into the whole NFC East being dogshit right now. just assume DAL is locked for a top 15 pick


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If we pick around 10 to 15 it'll be hard to find a QB. If that's the case, probably WR in the first and then some second rate scrub QB later in the draft that will never be developed here with this staff. And we'll be right here again next year while the Giants and Skins aim for the top QB. I don't watch college as much as I used to so I'm out of luck with an educated opinion on a player to draft.


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QB Herbert and Grier are intriguing though I am not sure either will be great.

DL Bosa and Oliver are impact guys but Bosa like his brother seems injury prone. A guy to watch who is a beast is Simmons at Miss St. Supposedly film out there of him punching a woman and off a lot of draft boards but we know that wont stop Jerry. Supposedly this is the best DL draft in years.

TE not a great year, Fant at Iowa top guy.

WR watch Neal at Arizona St type of player who could make a difference.
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