... and I agree they'd be ideal.

But what if we signed Steve Hutchinson instead?

Chances are he's going to be released by Minnesota. They want to go younger, and he's 35 and due to make 6 million this year. If he doesn't want to re-work his deal, they'll likely release him.

Would you be open to signing him for a two or three year deal, with the intent of letting Callahan develop Arkin/Nagy and whoever else we snag in the draft?

Mind you, this wouldn't be Plan A. This is just a more "how would you feel if this happened" type of thing?


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I don't think Jerry will ever sign an old guard again.

During parcells tenure Jerry got burned by two veteran free agent lineman.

Ryan young and Marco Rivera.

He spoke a number of times about how displeased he was with how those two turned out.

I believe what led Bryan broaddus to getting fired was marco Rivera....broaddus was like 200% against it and ended up gettting fired over it.
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