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You can tell he's as frustrated with Jerry, et al as many of us. He talks about what he feels the problem has been the last 20+ years, thinks things have just gotten worse and its refreshing to hear.

Heres the full show (expresses his exasperation around the 5 minute mark):



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Here's some fun quotes I've transcribed from the interview:

"...but I do feel that this team, based on the level of talent, should be playing better than they are and, uh, but, but we've been saying that a lot of years, I mean that's what I say, there's more to it, you cant just simply say: ah well lets, lets fire this coach and lets fire this guy and then, then everything is gonna be great.

Well why?

Why, why would you believe that?

Because that has not yet been the case in a long time, we can go through the numbers of teams that we've thought were really talented that have not lived up to expectations, does that make those coaches bad coaches?

Well, it does in Dallas..I mean that seems to be the general feeling.

I just think that there's..I've said it many times I think it has to be addressed from top to bottom and until that happens, I think we'll continue to go down this spiral that we've been doing for 20 years and, and every year its kind of the same song and dance and then we get in the off season and here's the sacrificial lamb, here's why its going to be better this year"
THE TICKET: ...The structure is still there, do you thinks its improved any now from say 5-10 years ago:

TROY: "No, I dont think so, I think maybe in some ways, its uh, maybe in some ways its gotten worse.."

Other Troy Quotes:

"The front office hasn't been great in allowing coaches to do their job"

"The business of business is, it seems to me, is more important than the business of football until game day and then its, hey, why aren't we winning.."


Wow. Troy told facts about the present culture of Jerry Jones. He's on target.
It isn't all tat new, he has had major concerns with the culture there for quite some time.

It's a sharp contrast to the other QB that was here from 2006-2015, who apparently was 100% fine with the cream puff camps and country club work culture. One guy knows what winning is all about, the other doesn't care. Just like Garrett is the perfect puppet coach for Jones, Romo was the perfect puppet QB.

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