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NFL world reacts to Troy Aikman news​

Michael Dixon - 1h ago

While football fans will still hear the commentary of Troy Aikman in 2022, it may not be on the same network.

It was reported on Wednesday that Aikman is negotiating with ESPN to be the main analyst for Monday Night Football. Aikman’s arrival could bring stability to a booth that has been in a constant state of flux since Jon Gruden left Monday Night Football to coach the then Oakland Raiders following the 2017 season.
The news drew a variety of reactions.

Aikman has been at Fox for more than 20 years, working with Joe Buck for nearly the entire time. Given how long he’s been working with Buck, those two being broken up is going to be an adjustment for some.'

Of course, if Aikman is the first domino to fall, there’s a natural follow-up. Who will be the next? If one of the next dominos is Al Michaels returning to Monday Night Football to work with Aikman, that pairing will have some fans.

Regardless of who Aikman is paired with on Mondays, some fans feel that his addition will make the telecast better.

That isn’t a consensus opinion, of course. While Aikman potentially heading to Monday Night Football has some fans excited, others are far less enthusiastic.

Troy Aikman’s playing career ended in 2000. In 2001, he became a broadcaster, working with Fox. When Pat Summerall retired and John Madden went to Monday Night Football, Buck, Aikman, and Cris Collinsworth became Fox’s No. 1 team. Collinsworth left Fox and since then, Buck and Aikman have been the No. 1 team at Fox.

So, regardless of what anyone feels about Aikman or the move to Monday Night Football, it does mark the end of an era in NFL broadcasting.


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