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Meanwhile, back on the campaign trail, you've got this Buttigieg character telling folks that making people work in prison is akin to slavery. Fucking dolt. His city is one of the most dangerous cities in America and the crime rates have gone up each year he's been mayor. Cities like Seattle and South Bend shouldn't be surprised at the violence. They excuse it and blame everyone and everything else but those most responsible for their actions.
God damn it, this mentality pisses me off. The damn prisons should be close to self sustaining by requiring inmates to work to maintain it, make repairs, teach classes, grow food, etc. They could develop a skill in the process they might be able to get paid for upon their release. Watching these 60 days in shows where people are just shoved in a concrete enclosure and made to sit around all day until feeding time and the occasional outside phone call seems absurd to me.

Prisons could be linked where one can graduate out of the worst to the best to give incentives for better behavior. Human beings need some level of hope imo or we wither and die or lose all sense of restraint and have no reason not to continue reeking havoc at every opportunity. Regardless of how horrific their crimes where, it doesnt do society any good to have these people in worse shape when released.

Not an easy problem to solve, only made worse by politics imo


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update... suspects finally arrested...



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Girlfriend of the suspects got arrested as well for helping them escape to LasVegas.


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