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The RINO's and the Republican Party are the biggest issues. They're part of the establishment and are perfectly fine with the status quo so long as they benefit. Trump was an outsider who blew it up in many respects and while some of these frauds like Lindsay Graham and McConnell publicly stated their support for Trump, they folded when the chips were on the table.

What is being uncovered are things we already knew. Now it's visual but it's not getting traction in the MSM or even Fox News. Hopefully these audits gain traction in other states but they are meeting stiff resistance from the left who want to keep their crimes covered up. The funny thing is that these ballots and vote tallies must be kept for two years or something like that. The reason they have to be preserved for a specific period of time is to go back and audit the numbers should there be any questions. But when legislatures want an audit, they're opposed at every level by the left.

I saw some of the senate hearing in Arizona. While the numbers are compelling, I want to see a response as to how/why those things happened. The audit team was guessing and I'd like hard numbers and answers. The bottom line is that the election tallies in these states were certified even though the coward Republicans knew there were questions about the numbers and their legitimacy. The best we can hope for is to correct these issues and prevent fraud in future elections.

Lastly, the left is not complying with a subpoena to produce documents and hard drives. Until people get serious and the courts send people to prison, the audits will be incomplete. That's the goal of the left. If any of us did not comply with a legal subpoena, we'd go to jail. The same thing should happen to politicians who flaunt the law.

The only way the Arizona audit is going to provide a definitive answer is for the auditors to canvas voters to determine if their votes are legitimate. We already know that limited investigations of voter addresses has turned up votes cast from addresses that do not exist. What we need, but we will never get, is auditors asking voters where questionable ballots are concerned, "did you vote?" "How did you vote?" and "Where did you vote?" If the answers to these questions do not conform to the ballots cast then we know there is a problem. But as I said, we will never see this kind of canvasing of voters.

In the meantime, the evidence turning up on Georgia is far more compelling. The vote counting machines take an image of each ballot as it is scanned into the system. There are batches of votes we know were scanned more than once. That is documented. We have videos showing voter counters putting ballots through the machines more than once. This is voter fraud. It is a federal crime. Even if the votes were not counted twice, the attempt to get them counted twice was caught on video and evidenced by the machine images.


Practice Squad

Look, at this point if you are not convinced that voter ID is not racist then you are either an idiot or a zealot. We need ID to do so many things in this country, including touring the WH. If requiring ID is racist then we need to change a lot of things in this country because an ID is required to do soo many things.

The racism claim regarding voter ID is a lie, and Democrats know it is a lie. They want to protect the illegal vote the same way they want to open the boarders and ignore immigration statutes. There is no other reason to oppose voter ID and this is why so many people regardless of race, party or gender favor voter ID in our elections. Democrats are insulting the intelligence of minorities and everyone else with their bogus claims ID is racist.
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