One of the x-lawyers was Cohen ... I'm imagine he would impressed you

I've seen Jay Sekulow in action. The clown claimed complete presidential immunity from any crimes committed by the pres, ... couldn't even be investigated ... the court all but laughed. By the way, Manhattan DA Vance cleaned his clock last week before a DC Appeals court.

Trump lies, when he conned his followers into believing hires "only the best", it was just another lie.

even you should have figured that out by now
You don't sound like an astute judge of legal talent. Michael Cohen was his personal "fixer", not his only lawyer. Cohen has a law firm on retainer and he uses major banks for his finances. I know this for a fact. You are just bullshitting now.


For those trying to make something out of the NY Times tax story, even the Times admitted they could not find any connection to Russia. They found nothing illegal. They insinuated illegality but only if you interpret the returns the way they did. Again, since his lawyers prepare and review his returns it is unlikely they put their names an anything illegal.

And while Trump signed his taxes, even if there are mistakes he is not going to jail and he won't be executed as some hope. He will be assessed a penalty and he will have to pay it.

The NY Times story is a non-event. It is basically, rich man pays taxes. I have to second what Dodger12 wrote, someone broke the law by revealing Trump's tax information. If it was government employees, either in the IRS, from the Mueller team, or from the SDNY, they should be sent to prison for the longer sentence allowed by law - which is 5 years. There was a time when stuff like this was considered a serious matter. But Democrats now use these dirty illegal tricks as a matter of practice.


what sort of clown would need a "fixer"? or would be dumb enough to hire Cohen?
a foolish trick
Lots of famous people have "fixers". They deal with all the cockroaches who try to shake down rich people. This has been going on for decades. It is not new. Anyone who is famous has come across someone looking to scam them for big money.


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I have only seen three total Biden signs where I live in the Beaumont area and only a handful in the Houston areas that I have been to. I have seen thousands of Trump signs not to mention I personally know of 11 people who are all in for Trump who are scared to put signs in their yards for fear of vandals or being a riot target when Trump wins. There are likely millions of people who are scared to put signs in their yard for these reasons. There is absolutely nothing to be scared of for putting a Biden sign in ones yard except for looking like a dumbass like what your meme says. Basically this means there is zero enthusiasm for Biden and tons of enthusiasm for Trump.


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Living in Los Angeles I would never again consider putting a Trump sticker on my truck

If I did, when I came out of Home Depot I would find 20 liberals holding hands in a circle surrounding my truck and crying because the sticker offended them

And my truck would be keyed and have dog rapist nazi lover spray painted on the hood

I already had my truck keyed down one side from a Fuck Hillary sticker I had on it in 2016!


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And so it begins, I knew they would come after everyone’s guns and everything associated with them. I just thought they would wait till they won the election before making it public knowledge



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This is what we are up against people?

How will we ever win? Again!?!?

I've said it before Scot. Women today are miserable because they're not getting laid. Men, especially young men today, would rather play Play Station than bed a woman. Look at the men out there protesting and acting like assholes. For a woman, that shit wears off real quick. Today's man would rather wear masks, protest, relate to a different gender, squat when they piss and play video games rather than score pussy.
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I’m out in the boonies working a case with intermittent shitty cell service so I won’t be able to watch the VP Debate.

I hope Pence goes after her record of flip flopping on her position to appease whatever base she is trying to suck up to at the time.

If he does this he should be able to make her crumble

I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. I guess I’ll find out when I get home tomorrow.


Defense Wins Championships
Democrat Proposing To His Girlfriend Says He Won't Reveal Position On Adultery Until After The Wedding



I do think it's telling that less than a month from the election that **** Pelosi was pushing for a new amendment again to remove Trump from office. If they were so confident in victory next month there'd be no need for that b/s.
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